Small Organisation is What Grows to A Big One – Atleast I Hope So…

While growing ever since I started to understand & realize things happening around me, I heard of Donations from My Family. There were stories of My Maternal Grand Father & Paternal Granny donating & feeding people, children & masses whenever they could.

My Grand Father even funded Poor Students in their studies, not one or two but numerous. Funny thing was, no one knew this, not even his children or even wife, till he died. That’s when numerous students came to his Funeral. They told stories of how he was always providing them Money & even Shelter in his Hospital if they didn’t have a place to live initially. He gave them part time jobs in the Hospital, to make a part time living out of it.

I always miss Him. May be because I never saw Him & the stories were so Pure, that it was fascinating to be a part of such a great Man’s Family. There was a sense of proud always in me, but I wanted it to be molded in to something Fruitful.

I finally have decided what I have to do. I will be starting a small organization that will help feed children, old women & every other person who we can afford to help in whichever way we can. I just hope that the help that I might need in this from my Friends, my Relatives & others, I get that. Even if people aren’t generous enough to donate, I will try my very best to carry out what I have decided to my best of abilities.

The best thing was, when I talked to my Father about this, He was very positive & assured me that it will be done & will be, what I want. Hearing Him speaking of Success has something infused in me & I hope this happens.

It was a childhood dream of mine to be a part of something Fruitful & Helpful to people & I pray to GOD, to bless me, so this happens to be “THE OPPORTUNITY”.

From The Eyes Of An Old Man

I wonder what they say!!

Have always seen answers written in other people’s way.

Never have I come across a truth as They say.

Wonder what it’s like to feel it

Wonder where it’s laid.

Different views come every day & Follows different Ways

But They are never True as They say!!!!


Purity of Heart is All what We look for,

Still One Who Holds POSITION has the Final Say.

Decisions are made & so are People everyday

But They are never True as They say!!!!


Try learning from Old

As they would always guide with Experience

But when it comes to implement, DO WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS!!


But in spite of all you trade & learn

You are never close to Wisdom.


In search of Answering your Question You started Your Journey

& You end it becoming one.

Still You ask same Questions as you Pray

Spending all Your life becoming Someone You dread

& in the End You know why..

It is …


Because They are never True as They Say!!!

Times When A Song Becomes You

I always wondered how Songs Came to Existance.!!!!!!!

I have grwon in a Family With Religious Beliefs but was lucky enough to be given Space to Be ME.

Had I been in Era of 60’s I am sure I would have been A HIPPIE – Roaming around free, jobless, pointless, looking for answers of Unknown Question but Happy Nonetheless!!!!

Later in my School life when the Artist in All of Us starts to come out in different ways, we understand the Need for an Obsession which we Name as Passion. Funny how Obsession seems bad for Personality & Passion defines US?????

But these School days were the days when I realised How easily Emotion flows in & out of Us & How Brave, Rude & Complicated guys like US become Soft & We find A Deep connection in Some Song,,, sometimes it seems The Song was US but we dont discuss it in public or among Friends coz That’s Not what Boys Do, is the Normal Phrase….

It all falls in one place, which is we Grow inside… It feels like we have always known this was coming through words but were never able to spit it out…

Every now & then things happen that leads us into realising ourselves or even feeling like Being Reborn through Songs…. I think Beatles were the 1st ever Band as a whole whose songs touched millions & if you remember,MOST OF THE FANS WERE HIPPIES….. So there it goes again, relating me to This Genre.

I always have believed that we all need to find ourselves one way or another…. we dont realise that Realising things inside is so much important. It’s as close as Wisdom,,, & I am pretty sure Wisdom means realising self….>>>>>>>>


Would Like To Wake Up A Morning Without Worrying

Months have passed but there hasnt been one single morning that I wake up witout worrying about the day’s Schedule, or Past Days or Upcoming Events, people Showing up on Doorsteps, Meeting Clients, seeking New Job or even Cooking/Ordering Food….

Wish there was one Day when I wake up & find everyting in place, not to start working to make things right, putting things in their Right places, or calling up people on phone to Make things right.

Wish there was someone who could make me the Perfect Tea, the same blend as I do, the same passion as I do, dragging my heavy legs early in morning to get the taste of it – just for the fun of this thought……

Would be fun to just Wish & get the Wish Fullfilled. But then we forget, Its Real Life & not Reel Life. Its Efforts that count & not Methods.

Working for Four Long years & still waiting for Right Salary, waiting to get noticed & even trying Different & Bold things to get noticed, I feel I have lost the Old Me somewhere down the Lane, when I could just do anything – As I Used to have one hand in my pocket & the other one gave Peace Sign…..

I think I haven’t figured out what I want to get…..

‘Cos I Still Have got One Hand in My Pocket & The Other One is Calling Taxi Cab…….

Yes I Wish I had My Wishes Fullfilled Without Getting to Wish for Them….

Think to Njoy according to People or Do what You Do????

Taking on World is what it seems to be going on in everybody’s mind,,,, but when they see people having Fun on their own, it burns the hell outta them!!!!!!!!!

surprising,,, aint it???

I choose to do it more often, re-defining me & my time rather than waiting for others to join in the Fun,……..